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Introduction à FAMA de Furrer
Le travail de Philippe Leroux
Contents Issue n° 2
Contents Issue n° 1
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Contents Issue n° 2

Thinking Beyond: Doors and Mirrors

Frank Madlener

A composer: Beat Furrer

Aspects of Beat Furrer's Oeuvre Daniel Ender
Cover, Discover... an Interview with Beat Furrer Martin Kaltenecker
FAMA, an Introduction
[complete version in french]
Daniel Ender
Oeuvres by Beat Furrer, bibliography, discography

A Work-in-Progress: from Voi(rex) to Apocalypsis

From Voi(rex) to Apocalypsis:
an Essay on the Interaction between Composition and Analysis
Philippe Leroux
The Composition of a Movement of Voi(rex),
from its Formal Idea to its Structure
Nicolas Donin & Jacques Theureau

On the Workbench: Gesture, Interaction, Time Notation

Introduction Hugues Vinet
Gesture: a Question of Composition Pierre Jodlowski
Gestural Interfaces, Motion Capture and Artistic Creation Frédéric Bevilacqua, Nicolas Rasamimanana & Norbert Schnell
Griffhand. An Introduction to Salut für Caudwell
by Helmut Lachenmann
Laurent Feneyrou
Staging Salut für Caudwell
(Preliminary Notes and Retrospective Questions)

[complete version]
Xavier Le Roy
Sound Installations: Towards an Interaction of Hearing/Body/Space Olivier Warusfel

Transmission: Knowledge and Know-How,
from the Research Studio to the Music Lesson

Musique Lab 2, an Environment to Assist Music Education Fabrice Guédy
OpenMusic, from Composition to Teaching Gérard Assayag & Jean Bresson
Towards Multimedia Annotation of Musical Information Nicolas Donin
Sound Processing and Music Education Fabrice Guédy
What is the Obligation of Music Education in the Internet Age? Vincent Maestracci
Festival Agora Program (Paris, June 1-17, 2006)
The Authors