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Introduction à FAMA de Furrer
Le travail de Philippe Leroux
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Contents Issue n° 1
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Contents Issue n° 1

Against all expectations

[complete version in french]
Nicolas Donin and Bernard Stiegler

A work: Avis de tempête

In the eye of the cyclone Laura Odello
After the storm Georges Aperghis and Peter Szendy
On the beach.
(What I will never know)
Bernard Stiegler

Conditions of listening

First audition, repeated listening Nicolas Donin
The new musicants Hugues Vinet
What happens to sound, or:
listening is a two-step
Bastien Gallet
Public of a work, or work of the public? Antoine Hennion

An interview

"The magnetic tape contains a sound that wishes to be repeated"
Sarkis and Bernard Stiegler

A composer: Brice Pauset

About Symphonie III
(anima mundi)
Brice Pauset
Perspectivae sintagma I : an analysis
[complete multimedia version in french]
Giordano Ferrari
Nachdruck. A Rhetorical postscript
to Brice's Pauset Perspectivae
Peter Szendy
Underlying Form, implicit Gestures.
Dialogue between Brice Pauset and Andreas Staier
Festival Agora Program (Paris, June 2-11, 2005)
The Authors