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The authors

Georges Aperghis


Georges Aperghis, born in Athens, moved to Paris in 1963. He has lead an original and independant career, sharing his activities between instrumental or vocal writing, musical theater and opera.

Nicolas Donin


Nicolas Donin, musicologist and head of the IRCAM Analysis of Musical Practices research group, linked to the CNRS mixed research unit "The Science and Technology of Music and Sound". His research centers on the history and practices of analysis and attentive listening since the end of the 19th century. He also works in collaboration with Jacques Theureau (IRCAM-CNRS) on cognitive anthropology of contemporary scholarly musical practices, concentrating particularly on composition.

Giordano Ferrari


Giordano Ferrari received his doctorate in "20th century Music and Musicology" from the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociale de Paris in 1995. He is currently working as a lecturer at the université de Paris-VIII.

Bastien Gallet


Philosopher Bastien Gallet is Director of the Festival Archipel in Geneva and Chief Editor of Musica Falsa Editions. He is currently working on a collective book, the subject being "the exploration of a piece of space in Rome", to be released in spring 2006.

Antoine Hennion


Sociologist at the École des Mines de Paris, and previously Director of the Center for Sociology of Innovation (CSI), Antoine Hennion works on music and culture, media and its users, and their different tastes. He is currently leading research into amateurs and varying methods of attachment.

His publications include: La passion musicale (1993), La grandeur de Bach (with J.-M. Fauquet 2000), and Figures de l’amateur (with S. Maisonneuve and É Gomart, 2000).

Laura Odello


Laura Odello is currently preparing a Phd thesis on Jacques Derrida and politics (Paris-VIII/université de Trieste). She has translated numerous writings by Jacques Derrida (notably Perdonare and Stati canaglia, for the publisher Cortina), by Jean-Luc Nancy and by Paul Virilio.

Her latest publications include: "Antriloquies. Voix déviées dans la caverne" (with Peter Szendy) in Les espaces de la voix. Dialogue entre les arts et les médias, Presses de l’université de Montréal; "Nombre d’aveugles. Éclats d’un rire argentin", in Mélanges Derrida, Galilée.

Brice Pauset


Brice Pauset was born in 1965 and currently lives in Germany. His production covers all music, vocal, instrumental and theatrical genres, with or without electronics. An enemy of pragmatism and superficiality, he willingly leaves his music open to criticism.

Bernard Stiegler

Director of IRCAM & philosopher

Philosopher Bernard Stiegler is the Director of IRCAM. He earned a doctorate from the École des hautes études en sciences sociales. He has successively been Director of Research at the International College of Philosophy, Professor at UTC (the University of Compiègne), Head of the Research unit Connaissances, Organisations et Systèmes Techniques, which he founded in 1993, then Assistant General Manager of the National Audiovisual Institute.

He is the author of a dozen books, including La technique et le temps (Galilée – three volumes published, two more to come), De la misère symbolique (Galilée – two volumes published), Mécréance et discrédit (Galilée – one volume published).

Peter Szendy


Peter Szendy is a lecturer in musicology at the University of Marc-Bloch in Strasbourg. Program Advisor for the Cité de la musique in Paris, his works include: Écoute, une histoire de nos oreilles (Minuit, 2001, preceded by Ascoltando by Jean-Luc Nancy); Membres fantômes. Des corps musiciens (Minuit, 2002); Les prophéties du texte-Léviathan. Lire selon Melville (Minuit, 2004); Wonderland. La musique, recto verso (with Georges Aperghis, Bayard, 2004).

Hugues Vinet

IRCAM’s Scientific Director

Hugues Vinet has been the scientific director of IRCAM and the director of UMR STMS IRCAM-CNRS since 1994. Prior to this, he worked as head engineer at the National AudioVisual Institute (INA) where he headed the Musical Research Group (GRM).

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