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Gesture: a Question of Composition

Pierre Jodlowski

To take into account the effect of musical action, of its visual as well as sonorous impact, implies making gesture the starting point for the writing and not its result. This question concerns composition generally, going well beyond musical theater and is not limited to technological issues. Following a few examples from Maurizio Kagel, Jani Christou and Thierry de Mey, the author illustrates his position based on some of his recent pieces: N,N,N (2001-2003, in collaboration with the choreographer Myriam Naisy); In & Out I for violin, cello and an audiovisual system (2004); Time & Money (2003-2006) produced in collaboration with the percussionist Jean Geoffroy and the video artist Vincent Meyer; and a collaboration with the choreographer Emmanuelle Huynh and the IRCAM teams.

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