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About Symphonie III (anima mundi)

Brice Pauset

Throughout the hour of Symphonie III (anima mundi), Brice Pauset reveals a labyrinthine opera free from all scenic representation. The piece offers an interpretation of Mallarmé’s "Book" focusing on its unique theatricality, through an audio projection combining real spaces (the five groups of musicians) and imaginary spaces (the network of loud speakers placed around the audience).

The listener is invited to share memories of the improbable choreography of the "Suite de danse" which passionately concludes the first half of the symphony, (Mallarmé grants dance a distinguished place by assimilating it to a corporal prose); memories of the symphony itself, recorded and duplicated at the time of the concert, and transformed into primary material for mysterious polyphonies; and finally, memories of the tonality, at once ghostly, eternally moribund. A paradise lost but always found.

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